Amazon #1 Bestseller The Bishop of 12th Avenue 

Thanks for everyone who participated in our summer promotion. With your help, The Bishop of 12th Avenue reached #1 in two Amazon genres.


"The story is meaningful, original, amusing in sections, and is a wonderful read for young adults. Ray Lucit’s writing is strong, convincing and absorbing."
Michelle Stanley, Readers' Favorite

"Awesome and Entertaining...
We were given characters who felt like real people in real danger making real mistakes and taking real chances. I loved the detail and emotion that was added to the story and I appreciated the great writing."

Vay Garris, The Rebel Christian


 The Thing in Bedford Hollow 


Some say it’s a ghost, others have called it an unholy demon, but those who’ve seen The Thing in Bedford Hollow call it the most terrifying paranormal haunting on earth! When eighteen-year-old Rachel Holt takes a housesitting job for the summer, she’s expecting a relaxing getaway before college, only to find herself face-to-face with the legendary horror.


In a wild and sleepless summer, Rae encounters an angry ghost, a mysterious legend, and a friendship more powerful than any she’s ever known. With summer ending, Rae faces the scariest question of all. Ghost or demon or monster, how can she ever live without The Thing in Bedford Hollow?

The Thing in Bedford Hollow is a tale of destiny, purpose, and things that go bump in the night. It is a hauntingly different story about a friendship stronger than time, and the things in our lives destined to endure forever.

Coming Soon!

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