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Ray Lucit is an Ohio based author of YA novels and short stories. Ray’s novels often highlight good kids struggling with issues of faith and ethics under extraordinary circumstances, and Christian themes in strange and non-traditional settings.

Ray remembers spending his childhood in a wonderful black-and-white world where every day of the week was a Saturday afternoon. It was a magic time where any kid with a TV could watch an endless parade of monsters, radioactive creatures and spacemen in their own family room! The names of those gifted storytellers on the TV, influences like Bradbury and Matheson, were also on the shelves of the local bookstore. It was a glorious time and place to be a kid.

As Ray grew older, after weeks and even months of schooling, he decided to remain in this magical land that the local folks called Ohio. With his wife, surrounded by family and a smelly Golden Retriever, he weaves stories that propel his readers into worlds of their own.

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