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The Bishop of 12th Avenue

Be Careful what you pray for...

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When you grow up on the violent streets of a dying world, the first thing you learn is to mind your own business. So when eighteen-year-old Jacob Walker stumbles across three federal agents torturing an old man by a church, Jake can’t explain why he bothers to rescue the old guy. As he lay dying, the old man makes a strange sign with his hand, and after mumbling something in an ancient language, he slides a ring on Jake’s finger.

What Jake doesn’t know is that he is now the last hope for a group of believers, or Churchers, living outside the dying city. Even now forces are massing to destroy the strangely naïve Churchers, and although Jake knows nothing of bishops, gods or churches, any chance that this remnant can survive will depend on The BISHOP of 12TH AVENUE.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world suggested by centuries of Christian prophesy and legend, The BISHOP of 12TH AVENUE tells of a desperate fight for survival, an epic battle between good and evil, and a young leader’s struggle to understand the difference.

"The action in this book is amazing. I love the cast of supporting characters."
M.S. Ocampo, Catholic Reads

"Awesome and Entertaining...
We were given characters who felt like real people in real danger making real mistakes and taking real chances. I loved the detail and emotion that was added to the story and I appreciated the great writing."

Vay Garris, The Rebel Christian

"The story is meaningful, original, amusing in sections, and is a wonderful read for young adults. Ray Lucit’s writing is strong, convincing and absorbing."
Michelle Stanley, Readers' Favorite

The Bishop of 12th Avenue  was suggested by the prophesies of St. Francis of Assisi and the writings of Maria Valtorta.